2010~2017 NYC Rat Sightings

By Adeniyi Fagbewesa, Elise Song, Ka-Hyun Nam, and Morgan Suh

This interactive visualization plots a cloropleth map of Average Property Sales per Year, as well as the number of Rat Sightings per Year for each NYC borough and zipcode.

Directions: Interact with the slider at the bottom of the page to adjust the year. Click to zoom into a borough and navigate around the map. Double-click to zoom back out to the city. Hover on the map to discover more information.

The number of Rat Sightings is indicated by the size of bubbles. The Average Property Sale is indicated by the map color. In October 2023, the median listing home price in NYC was $799,000.

Sources: Kaggle NYC Property Sales, Kaggle NYC Rat Sightings, GeoJSON, NYC Zipcodes

© Elise Song